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Protein+snythesis+worksheet - Name — Period Protein...

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Unformatted text preview: Name — - Period Protein Synthesis Problems Complete the following problems using the codon Chan" provided: 1 at bees in cede-n and ease in mean i uop on: u; aeeq pig 1. Transeribe and translate the following DNA sequence: DNA S‘“5 E _ . _ - coding ATE. Newswfl'” mRNA Avg tRNA UHQ Amino 018+ Acid start What are the similaritie s between the noncoding DNA sequence and the tRNA sequence? noncodin, TAC AGG GGC CTC TTA CAG CTC GAT AGG CCG ATC I PROBLEM 9-33 If A’. T. C. G and U represent adenine, th~ymine, cytosme, guanine and uracil, fill in the following blanks: Ala polypeptide o PROELEM 9-37 The +¢fiP1¢+¢Iwncoding strand of DNA is: 5‘ ATG GAT AAA GTT TTA AAC AGA GAG GAA TCT 3' What is the: . (a) sense strand/coitus- (b) mRNA transcribed? - '. (c) polypeptide chain that is translated? I PROBLEM 9—39 Al'A/fmw Mme-Ji‘flj> Cave the followmg molecule of DNA: twigalai'e strand 1--—-A T G c o c T A c G o c A A T---- 1' strand2----TACGCGATGCCGTTA---- Lcd‘“3> . 51M”. Determine the mRNA molecule. the tRNA enticodons, and the amino acid sequence that will be produced if strand 1 is the transcription template for the mRNA molecule . a PROELEM 9—27 A wild-type InRNA and polypeptide sequence is: mRNA:UAG UUUGéEQ 9222132 L192 fl gig fl AGU AGU UAG polypeptide: met-ala-ser-cys-lys-g1y~tyr~ser—ser STOP What is the result, if at the arrow: (a) one nucleotide, U,‘is. deleted? (b) one nucleotide, C, is inserted?- ' Refer to the genetic code given in Table 1. ...
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