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MONTGOMERY COLLEGE Germantown Campus BI 101 Critical Literacy Assignments Fall 2011 (note page 4 of your textbook) Due dates: Tuesday 10/4/11 25 points Tuesday 11/22/11 25 points For each paper: Find, read, analyze a newspaper/magazine/internet report (dated September 1, 2010 or later) dealing with a new discovery and/or investigation in biology . Report: Hand in a photocopy of the article AND a 2-page typed paper consisting of:
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Article title and bibliographic reference. 2. A list of the major technical/scientific terms (5 to 10 terms) found in the article - defined. 3. A 3-4 paragraph summary of the research article. 4. Questions generated by the article as you read the topic. 5. Copy of the article cited. Late papers will not be accepted....
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