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University of Waterloo Winter 2011 COURSE NUMBER: ESL 102R (Section 4) Course Name: Error Correction in Writing Instructor: Maggie Heeney Office: REN 0206 Telephone: 519-884-4404 x 28667 Email: [email protected] Class Times/Location: Monday and Wednesdays 1:00 to 2:20 REN 0104, Fridays 1:00 to 3:00 REN 2102 Office Hours: Monday and Wednesday: 10:00 – 11:00 or by appointment Course Description : This course is to help students develop their ability to write and edit sentences and paragraphs. There is a strong emphasis on grammatical accuracy and vocabulary development Course Objectives: This course is for students whose first language is not English. By the end of this course, successful students will be able to label grammar and punctuation points recognize and correct errors in their own and others’ sentences and paragraphs identify and use sentence organization patterns write conventional paragraph patterns in the SEES (statement, elaboration, evidence, summary) format use various strategies for paraphrasing use academic vocabulary in context in writing write under time constraints Texts : Cain, J. (2003). Eye on Editing 2, White Plains, NY: Longman. Hogue, A. (2003). Essentials of English , White Plains, NY: Longman. Course maps will be made available on UW-ACE after they have been distributed in class. It is also recommended, but not required, that every student purchase a monolingual, paper-based dictionary.
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(The use of electronic “translation” dictionaries is not permitted.) Some good choices include any of the paperback English dictionaries printed by Collins, Oxford, Merriam-Webster, or Longman. Course Requirements: Grammar and Editing Tests: You will write two tests based on the grammar points learned in class. These tests are worth 25% of your final grade (12.5% each). Written Assignments: You will write four written assignments. You M UST write these assignments I N C LASS during the allotted time. You will write a first draft, receive feedback, and then write a revised draft for each assignment also in class. The final grade for each assignment will be a
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102_Outline_Winter_2011_Section_4 - Winter 2011 COURSE...

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