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Paraphrasing - by Sentence Level Restatements can be...

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Paraphrasing Paraphrasing can be accomplished at two levels: word level and sentence level. Word Level Nouns ……Change from a single word to a phrase. Example Original: “Unimmunized children also add to the risk...” Paraphrase: Children without immunization also increase the risk. Paraphrase: Children who have not been immunized also are a risk factor . Adjectives……Use the opposite adjective without changing the meaning. Example Original: “Better living conditions have been important in controlling some kinds of infectious diseases...” Paraphrase: Poor living conditions play a significant role in increasing some types of communicable diseases.
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Verbs……Use a more general verb. Example Original: “Most safety tests are carried out by both the manufacturer and... by the laboratory of the Bureau.” Paraphrase: Majority of the safety tested are conducted
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Unformatted text preview: by. .. Sentence Level Restatements can be achieved by using the following syntactic structures. When you paraphrase you should change the sentence structure. 1. Cause because/because of /as a result 2. Chronology before /after /during /Since/while / In the 3. Comparison similar / like /the same/differ /different /more /less 4. Concession although /even though /despite /in spite of /but / whereas 5. Coordination not only-but also/neither-nor /not-but /both-and / 6. Negatives not + un-/ not once/not one/very rarely / 7. Passives BE + past participle 1. While the post-secondary systems in both Canada and China focus on student success, a distinction can be made between the class structure and the graduation requirements. 2. Even though university education has the goal of enhanced learning, many students fail to achieve this goal due to lack of maturity and lack of focus....
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