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Phoenix lands on Mars

Phoenix lands on Mars - P hoenix l ands on M a rs THE...

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Phoenix lands on Mars THE ASSOCIATED PRESS May 25, 2008 ALICIA CHANG THE ASSOCIATED PRESS PASADENA, CALIF.– _____NASA's Phoenix spacecraft has successfully landed near _____Mars' north pole for _____ 90-day digging mission. _____Mission control at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory celebrated after
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____ Phoenix Mars Lander signaled back that it had survived Sunday's fiery entry. ____Phoenix will be ____ first spacecraft to study ____Martian arctic plains. Unlike _____NASA's mobile twin rovers, ____ lander will stay in one spot. It will use its robotic arm to dig into ____ permafrost to determine if ____ polar environment has _____ ingredients needed for_____life to emerge. NASA had not had _____successful powered landing in more than three decades since _______twin Viking landers in 1976. The last time ______space agency tried was in 1999 when _______Mars Polar Lander, angling for ____south pole, crashed after prematurely cutting off its engines. _____ Mars rover missions used _______parachutes and _______cocoons of airbags for their landings.
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