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  ESL 102 Course Map Week One 1. Course Overview 2. Chapter 1 Diagnostic 3. Tenses and Time Shifts: It is important to think about the ‘time words’ or ‘key words.’ What key words are  important in the following tenses? Active Tenses Simple Present Present Action or Condition General Truths and Facts Non-action; Habitual Action Adverbs of Frequency Future Time I hear you. Here comes the bus. There are thirty days in  September. Water freezes at 0 degrees. I like music. I run on Tuesdays and Sundays. I usually take cream in my coffee. The train leaves at 4:00  p.m. The course starts next  September. Key words the simple present   Present Progressive Activity in Progress Complaining I am making dinner right now. I am working at the University of Waterloo. She is always talking about her problems. Verbs of Perception Future Time for travel plans He is feeling quite tired today.   I am driving to Florida next week I am leaving for Vancouver on Friday. Key words for the present progressive: Note:  Many verbs can’t be progressive because they are verbs of state and don’t express actions. For example: know,  understand, have, seem, own, appreciate, hate, need, believe, cost, equal, prefer, resemble, consist of, contain, include. I understand you.                                 He seems very sure of himself. I know what you mean.                          I appreciate your time with me. However, some verbs such as look, feel, weigh, taste can be verbs of state and action. Look at these examples: I am looking out the window.                  The new sample prototype looks good. The surface of the table feels rough.     I am feeling the surface right now. Present Perfect
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This tense expresses our experiences and what we have had happen in our lives that has had an influence on our lives. This action could still be past. With verbs of state that begin in the past and lead up to
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verb tense - CourseMapWeekOne ESL 102 1 Course Overview 2...

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