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ESL 102R Name: __________________________________________ Vocabulary Assignment #2 Due : Monday, March 21st. Please hand in at the beginning of the class. Refer to pages 398-410 in your Essentials of English text. The following words are troublesome, which causes problems when writing in an academic context. Read the rules concerning the words; then, write a sentence for each word below . Your sentences must be academic (no ‘I’, no contractions such as she’d and they’ll , no slang and so on). Each sentence must be in the form presented in parentheses below. The sentences must relate to the context of “Differences in Education Systems.” Carefully edit your sentences before handing them in. Please HAND-WRITE your answers below. You can use the back of this
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Unformatted text preview: sheet if you wish. 1. make ( a sentence with a reduced adverb clause) 2. do (Use ‘do’ as an action verb, not an auxillary, and write a compound sentence with a FANBOY) 3. between (a compound sentence using a conjunctive adverb) 4. among (a sentence using a subordinating conjunction) 5. advice (a simple sentence using as…as…) 6. advise (a compound sentence using “not only …. but also”) 7. emigrate (a sentence with an adjective clause using an object of a preposition) 8. immigrate (a sentence with “where” in an adjective clause) 9. fewer (a sentence with a reduced adjective clause) 10. less (a sentence with a non-essential adjective clause)...
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Vocabulary_Exercise__2__W2010_ - sheet if you wish 1 make a...

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