ADPR- Ch. 1

ADPR- Ch. 1 - BOOK NOTES! PR Skills o Written o...

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BOOK NOTES!!!!! PR Skills o Written o Interpersonal comm. o Research o Negotiation o Creativity o Logistics o Facilitation o Problem solving PR groups: o PRISA o PRSA- PR Society of America- Largest in the world, 20,000+, 112 Chapters o IABC- International Association of Business Communicators 2 nd largest firm, 13,000+, 60 Nations o IPRA- International PR Association 1000+, 96 Nations o PRAM o PRIA o FERPI o CPRS o PRAT o IPR (UK) o PRAA PR developed in US economically PR is increasing in Europe due to expansion of European Union (EU) and developing market in Russia, etc PR is growing in Asia because China is “New Frontier” o Opened it’s economy to market capitalism (10% increase annually) o Other nations expanding also o St. Paul New testament’s prolific author “Founder of Christianity” One of 1 st practitioners of PR o Pope Urban II Persuaded people to follow and serve God with “Holy Crusades” against Muslims 1 st to use “Propaganda” o Venetian Bankers 1 st to practice Investor Relations Adopted “corporate philanthropy”
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Sponsored Michelangelo o 1641 Harvard issued first pamphlet and Columbia Univ. announced commencement activities Conflict Positioning led to American Independence o Boston Tea Party o Boston Massacre Thomas Paine o Wrote and brought citizens to Revolutionary movement o “Common Sense” Pamphlet 1800’s were the golden age of Press Agent and Hype o Press Agent- publicist who works for recognition of organization or individual Succeeded with Davy Crocket (frontiersman) and Daniel Boone through Andrew Jackson o Hype- uses media and other tactics to promote individual, cause, product or service Burke o Attracted people to shows of Buffalo Bill and Annie Oakley (Frontiers people) PT Barnum o Phineas Taylor= PT o Master of Pseudo-event o Represented Tom Thumb, 2 ft tall midget who performed
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ADPR- Ch. 1 - BOOK NOTES! PR Skills o Written o...

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