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I. The Challenge of Public Relations a. U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates field already employs 200,000 b. 39.8% increase in employment through 2014 c. 20 out of 50 for job opportunity and potential salary d. 22.61% 10 year job growth projection II. Global Scope a. 40 associations representing 100,000 members b. Estimated 3 million people practice PR worldwide c. 200 universities and 100 European universities offer PR programs d. Major growth in Europe and Asia, also Latin America and Africa III. A Variety of Definitions a. Management function which evaluates public attitudes b. Identifies policies and procedures of an individual or an organization with the public interest c. Plans and executes a program of action to earn public understanding and patience d. Key words i. Deliberate: intentionally designed to influence, gain understanding,
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Unformatted text preview: provide information, and obtain feedback ii. Planned: organized solutions to problems that are discovered and logistics are thought out iii. Performance: based on actual policies and performance; responsive to community concerns iv. Public Interest: mutually beneficial to the organization and the public; alignment of organization’s self-interest with the public’s concerns and interests v. Two-way communication: dissemination of informational materials and solicits feedback vi. Strategic Management of Competition and Conflict: integral part of decision making by top management; involves counseling and problem solving at high levels; managing competition and conflict IV. Public Relations as a Process a....
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