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Test 2 Notes II

Test 2 Notes II - ADPR Notes Exam 2...

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ADPR Notes Exam 2 http://wps.ablongman.com/ab_publicrelations_studysite_1/77/19740/505 3469.cw/index.html Phineas Taylor Barnum Video He reinvented the circus He considered running for president He was the ultimate salesman Barnum and Bailey Circus – “The Greatest Show on Earth” He was the oldest of 5 children in a wealthy family Strict protestant work ethic He worked in his father’s Dry Goods store They had a very strict religion and the only fun they really had was practical jokes Someone created a huge joke and played it on Barnum for several years o Ivy Island- he was told was a beautiful, wonderful place o Barnum was tricked by the whole town when he decided to travel to it o It was a disgusting swamp He wrote many books about Ivy Island His father died in 1856 when he was about 15 and he was the only source of income for the family He created a lottery in addition to working at the store which generated a lot of money He married a woman named Charity Hallet at the age of 19 He juggled several jobs and adopted a new religion- Universalism He owned a newspaper o He spoke out about his preacher and was put in jail since that was against the law He thought there was no such thing as “bad publicity” Lived in Bethel, Connecticut where they outlawed lotteries, so he basically went bankrupt He decided to move to NYC to make money He played jokes on people o One especially about the age of a woman being 160 when that wasn’t possible He began to manage 2 jugglers- Roberts and Vivala 1841- he bought the American Museum by giving up the deed to Ivy Island o He held odd attractions at the museum but most were jokes/ gags The Fiji mermaid (Monkey Fish) Giant Man-eating Chicken! (Giant man, eating chicken) o He made a big deal about the “Egress” in order to get people in and out faster since the museum would usually get clogged with people They all said “you have GOT to see the Egress” when the Egress
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meant it was the exit o People began to see him as a liar, but he really just made jokes He represented Tom Thumb, the boy midget o They made a movie about Tom Thumb meeting the Queen Victoria and giving him a kiss on the cheek o He became a star Information only got out through Newspaper because there was no TV or Radio Barnum had a huge house in Connecticut o Built based on England’s structures o Called his house “Iranistan” o It burnt to the ground (never found out why) o All that remained was a few pics and a library Barnum yearned for a respectable image o He went to UK and discovered Jenny Lind She was an opera singer- the “Swedish Nightingale” He offered her a TON of money that he didn’t have, but borrowed, to bring her to America She became famous before anyone had heard her sing- even Barnum! She had a huge welcoming off the boat when she arrived
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Test 2 Notes II - ADPR Notes Exam 2...

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