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SPAN - Oral Exam 1 Topics

SPAN - Oral Exam 1 Topics - Chapter 1 Two old friends meet...

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Chapter 1 Two old friends meet in the supermarket. They are shopping with their families and they introduce their wife/husband and children. They are so happy to see each other again that they all decide to meet one day for lunch together. They try to arrange a meeting. However, their daily lives are pretty different and they cannot find a moment to meet. Chapter 1 Two old friends from high school meet in an airplane after not seeing each other for years. They both got married and show each other the pictures of their families. They talk about the physical appearance and personality of their family members, whom their children look like, etc. Chapter 1 You have just arrived from summer vacation and you are walking through campus with a friend. As you pass by Gilbert Hall you are approached by a classmate who wishes to know who your friend is. Introduce your friend to your classmate remembering to include personal characteristics and have a mini-dialogue in which each of you exchange your weekly schedules.
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