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Midterm Review - o Does not have to be negative o Not...

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JOUR 3310 Midterm Review Session - Multiple choice, T/F, short answer - Types of Mass Media o Print o TV o Radio o Cable TV o Telecommunications - What defines Mass Media - Characteristics of Mass Media - Number of Major Media in the US o Biggest o Smallest o Most money - Hot and Cool Media o Hot media doesn’t take much to understand o Cool media needs interpretation - Bias of television - Perennial issues involving news o Report news to make money o Make money by reporting news - Henry R. Luce: The Hutchins Commission o Responsibilities as a journalist o No journalists, politicians, business leaders were on the commission o No ordinary citizens on the commission - The 1 st Amendment o Freedom of press, speech, assembly - The 5 th Amendment o Self-incrimination o Fair trial o Writ of Habeas Corpus – can’t be held without charge (ex. Guantanamo Bay) - Stereotypes o Pit bulls o White trash o New York City o Intercity Dwellings o Minorities (racial, economic) o A perception about a group of people with which we have no knowledge or previous experiences with
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Unformatted text preview: o Does not have to be negative o Not acquired first hand, hear it from someone else o May have some truth to them-Important names o Jason Blair – fired for lying about stories, plagiarized, worked at New York Times o Michael Bourne – Stern TV, made fake documentaries, did it to make money o Bob Fernaud – relevancy, decency o Emit Till – 14 year old, black boy beaten for whistling at a white woman; attracted a lot of media; photojournalism of his body being pulled out of the river-Our Model of All Media o You are the consumer, not the receiver o Transmission model o Cultural model o Reporters, consumers, and society all influence each other o Society is constantly changing and evolving-War on Terrorism o An Act goes through Congress and the president has to sign it-Analog to Digital TV o Analog owned by the people o Let media use it to give us news...
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Midterm Review - o Does not have to be negative o Not...

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