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Print Media Final Review

Print Media Final Review - JOUR 3310 Soloski Print Media...

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JOUR 3310 – Soloski – Print Media Final Review Emphasis is on what we’ve done post-midterm, but things from first section of the class Go with your first answer you pick Multiple choice, true/false, and short answer You will need a pencil for the multiple choice and true/false sections Make sure you know anything and everything associated with media What is our model? What is the difference between hot and cold media? What does media do? Think specifically about stereotypes, ideologies, codes, media economics, First amendment rights, etc. Stereotype – ex. New York City, pit bulls Ideology – a mindset; a set of convictions about the way the world is structured; religious, political, social ideologies – intrinsically tied to codes; prophet Mohammed – you have that ideology because its built on codes Media economics – newspapers are dying, media ownership – incredibly important because it affects the kind of message you receive from the TV station or newspaper; GE owns NBC, Disney owns ABC Transmission Model – Bullet theory, hypodermic needle – you take it and go with it Cultural Model – what you are given requires some interpretation Hot media – radio, TV, internet Cool media – books Important court cases – Bono vs. FCC, Supreme Court left 1 st amendment issue alone but sided with the FCC, said they acted appropriately and handed the free expression ideal down to the appellate court to decide on; Larry Flynt court appearance; Ex.
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True/False Larry Flynt wore a diaper to a court session – True.
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  • Spring '08
  • Supreme Court of the United States, First Amendment to the United States Constitution, Edward R. Murrow, Larry Flynt, Larry Craig

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