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Stephenie Lai January 23, 2009 POLS 1101 The Logic of Collective Action and The Alleged Mischiefs of Faction Political science is based on a concept, which states that under normal conditions, people will act in their own interest. Another concept, “group think”, occurs when people tend to take the attitudes of other members in a group. Ultimately, members of a group will always act in self-interest while simultaneously achieving the goals and objectives of that group. A “faction” is a group that acts in the abstract model of power checking power. According to Madison, factions are necessary evils of limited government. These various organized groups shape American legislature. Group pressures also cause these factions. James Madison further defines a faction as “a number of citizens… who are united and actuated by some common impulse of passion, or of interest…”
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Unformatted text preview: In class, Professor Crespin discussed a need for government because of the many conflicts that arise in society. The conflicts are the causes of factions. Factions help to create action and movement. Without conflicts or factions, the government would be at a stand still. This is also what creates politics. Eventually, the different parties must come to an agreement, which is usually made thinking about each groups self-interests and personal benefits. In class, we also discussed collective action. This is important in such a large nation to make decisions. Although there are also problems that arise with collective action, they can be used as an advantage. In my opinion, the best solution is delegation. This way, more people in the group are actively involved, increasing the desire to act upon the good of the entire group rather than the individual....
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