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Response Paper 2

Response Paper 2 - differences in the requirements to be in...

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Stephenie Lai 11:15 Breakout (Ivey) This article is about the United States Constitution and federalism. Constitutions are necessary because they outline the basic rules and procedures for whatever body they govern. Before the U.S. Constitution was ratified, it was made sure that federalism was included. Federalism is basically the division of power. In the United States, the division of power is between state governments and the federal government. This gives a benefit to states allowing them to make the necessary laws for their specific issues that may not affect other states. States also have their own constitutions. They are usually longer, more specific, and amended more frequently than the federal constitution. Georgia has had a total of ten constitutions. The most recent constitution, which was a revised version of the previous constitution, was created in 1983. Georgia’s constitution also ensures that there is a separation of power in the state government. Although there are some
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Unformatted text preview: differences in the requirements to be in an office, the powers are basically the same as the federal government. Another difference in the Georgia constitution is that there is a greater number of elected officials to the executive. The Georgia Constitution also provides an outline for local governments. Local governments in Georgia include counties, cities, and special districts. The Constitution also has a “home rule” for cities and counties. This gives the local government broad powers to take any action not prohibited by the state. The constitution also gives rights and liberties to citizens. Under the constitution, citizens receive equal protection, right to life, liberty, and property, right to expression and association, etc. Constitutions are necessary in building the framework for a nation or even a state. With the changing society, amendments are necessary to mold the constitution to what fits the needs of the people....
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