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Stephenie Lai 11:15 Breakout (Ivey) In the case of United States vs. Oakland Cannabis Buyer’s Cooperative, the issue was legalizing marijuana for medical use. The court delivered the Controlled Substances Act, which prohibits the manufacture and distribution of various drugs. There have been arguments against the act to use marijuana for medicinal purposes. However, this exception is not explicitly stated in the Act. Congress categorized marijuana as a schedule I drug, which means that it has no credible use in medicine and that it has a high potential for abuse. In my opinion, I don’t think marijuana should be legalized. However, if there is scientific research and evidence that correlates the use of marijuana to being beneficial in medical practice, then there should be an exception. I do believe that marijuana is dangerous and can be easily abused; therefore it should remain an illegal substance. What are the benefits of legalizing marijuana? What are some possible repercussions?
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