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ARTS - Journal #1

ARTS - Journal #1 - is a very important number in the...

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Stephenie Lai September 16, 2008 ARTS 2050 Journal #1 Wenda Gu’s United Nations Monument: China In this United Nation’s Monument, Wenda Gu uses human hair to on the walls and ceiling. I really like the idea of using the human hair because it is like the people are actually apart of the artwork. The words on the ceiling and walls seem like real writing, but it doesn’t actually mean anything. This way, instead of having a certain language in the piece, there isn’t a real language. Therefore, everyone is on the same page and no one can be excluded by not knowing the language. The symbols are supposed to mimic a sort of Arabic, Chinese, and English writing. So it may seem like there are actual words, but there are not. There is also the table with twelve chairs in the center of the piece. Twelve
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Unformatted text preview: is a very important number in the Chinese culture. It symbolizes luck and a sort of cycle, comparable to the twelve months in a year. This piece is supposed to represent a temple of heaven. I think this idea is conveyed by the simplicity and colors. The installation is all done in neutral colors: black, white, grey, and the brown from the wood in the chairs and tables. It does seem very inviting and although there are many characters on the walls, it still seems very peaceful. The twelve chairs also have television monitors in them with a video film of heaven. I feel like this element seems like it would be very obvious, but just looking at the installation, it is easy to glance over....
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