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ARTS - Journal 2

ARTS - Journal 2 - culture show in the past We used our...

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Stephenie Lai Sept. 30, 2008 ARTS 2050 Journal 2 Murals The most prominent murals I have seen on campus are not your typical works of art. Walking down Sanford Drive, you can find many murals on the road. These masterpieces serve two purposes. Not only do they please the eyes, but they are a means of advertisement. Some of them are very detailed and contain many elements. Others are quite simple, but nonetheless eye-catching. In particular, there was one mural this week that was made up of only two colors: white and green. The design was simple: a green background with a white circle. Inside the circle were the words, “It’s Free.” I later found out that this is the slogan for Intervarsity Council’s new program this semester. My sorority has also employed street painting as a means of advertising for our
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Unformatted text preview: culture show in the past. We used our sorority colors and other neutral colors: navy blue, silver, black, and white. Our culture show is a display of the many Asian cultures. We painted a picture of an oriental woman with an umbrella, along with the information for the actual event. This advertisement was so effective that we had a sold out show. These murals are similar to the Mexican Murals we discussed in class. They both employ the use of bright colors to appeal to many people. Although they are artistically pleasing, they also convey a message, whether it is informative, political, or anything else. They are used to express ideas as well as emotions....
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