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Stephenie Lai Nov. 20, 2008 ARTS 2050 Journal #4 Native American art has influenced mainstream art in several aspects. Native American art uses a lot of earthy colors. They also used a lot of symbolism. A lot of their symbolism referred to spirits represented by animals. Bears were popular in portraying good luck. Native Americans were famous for their basketry, jewelry making, paintings, and pottery. These aspects of Native American art are reflected in today’s mainstream art. Jackson Pollock uses sand painting techniques. Sand painting requires skillfully pouring colored sands onto the surface of a painting. This pouring technique can be seen in Pollock’s work. The earthy colors from Native American artwork are reflected in many works of art seen today. Paintings today use this color palette to portray a tone of seriousness and realism of everyday life. Native Americans used earthy tones because those were the colors that they had easy access to. Today, earth tones are used to depict nature and
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