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LING - Test 3 study guide - Internal Variation: property of...

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Internal Variation: property of languages having different ways of expressing the same meaning. Language Varieties: cover term for different types of language variation Ideolect: way of speaking of one particular individual Dialect: a variety of languages spoken by a group of speakers with systematic differences from other varieties Pure Dialect: requires the assumption of communicative isolation; no contact; doesn’t usually occur Accent: systematic phonological variation Isogloss: line on a map separating different linguistic features; creates regional dialects Sociolinguists: study of interaction between linguistic varieties and social structure Extralinguistic Features: gender, race, religion, region, age, socio- economic status, etc. Mutual Intelligibility: can understand each other; speaking the same language Dialect Continuum: each neighboring dialects can understand each other, but not in extreme locations; unclear boundaries Register: speech used in a particular context Speech Style: formal/informal; casual/careful Careful Speech: clear in pronunciation Slang: casual speech used in informal settings; set of vocab Common Slang: everyone knows it Ingroup Slang: identify with a group, not everyone knows it; expresses group membership Standard Dialect: dialect of prestige; national news Non-standard Dialect: all the rest Prescriptive Standard: “dialect” by which we judge right and wrong speech Jargon: set of vocab for a particular activity or field of study; technical terminology Bidialectal: knows two dialects Style Shifting: switch was of talking Phonetic Variation: different pronunciation but preserves phonological distinctions Phonological Variations: changes the phonological structure (merge or split) Morphological Variation: having/lacking a morpheme Syntactic Variations: difference in order of words/lexemes
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LING - Test 3 study guide - Internal Variation: property of...

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