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Test 4 study guide

Test 4 study guide - etymology obscure the effects of sound...

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Test 4 study guide - Historical Linguistics Terms diachronic synchronic language family Proto-Indo-European (PIE) family tree model wave theory protolanguage analogical change paradigmatic leveling back formation folk etymology acronym blend clipping coinage conversion eponym The Comparative Method Internal Reconstruction reconstructed form Neogrammarian Hypothesis Grimm's Law The Great English Vowel Shift sound law cognate connotation denotation taboo euphemism extension (generalization) reduction (specialization) elevation (amelioration) degradation (pejoration) Be able to: 1. Analyze a set of cognate forms in order to reconstruct a proto-form. 2. Create sound laws to explain the derivation of the attested forms from a proto-form. 3. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the family tree model and the wave theory of linguistic change. 4. Explain the relationship between taboo and euphemism. 5. Describe how the sporadic changes caused by analogy (e.g., paradigmatic leveling) and folk
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Unformatted text preview: etymology obscure the effects of sound laws and how this is opposed to the Neogrammarian Hypothesis. 6. List the ten branches of the Indo-European language family. 7. Apply Grimm's Law to produce the English consonants corresponding to the reconstructed PIE consonants as given by cognate forms. e.g., Skt. j ivas, Lat. v ivus, Gk b ios (<* g w iH 3 wos) = Eng ___ick Skt. pip arti, Lat. p or-ta, Gk. p eraō = Eng ___are Skt. h ari, Lat. h olus, Gk. kh lo-ros (< *gh el-) = Eng ___old Skt. d rnāti, Gk. d erō = Eng ___ear 8. Apply the Great English Vowel Shift to Old English terms to produce the modern descendant. e.g., OE sōð = NE s____th OE h r ǣ = NE h____r OE sacu = NE s___ke OE ūre = NE ____r OE hwīl = NE wh___le OE gā = NE g___...
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