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Dimensions of Social Life

Dimensions of Social Life - Hunter Gatherers Agricultural...

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Stratification Hunter- Gatherers Very simple technology (ex. Bows, digging sticks) Little private property Everybody is pretty much equal Sharing is strongly encouraged Gendered division of labor Plenty of leisure Affluence Agricultural Slash and burn agriculture Simple technology (hoes and digging sticks) Private property (kin based) Food surplus is possible Inequality appears and increases as technologies advances Gender inequality Some specialization (baskets, poetry) Agrarian Agriculture becomes more productive (the plow) Technology slowly improves (iron and steel) Specialized jobs Small trade and manufacturing sector Money economy appears Much inequality Much poverty Little social mobility Men rule women Industrial Less than 5% involved in agriculture Nobles and peasants disappear Inequality declines and middle class emerges Men and women become more equal Huge growth in job specialties Global economy becomes more integrated Huge surge in affluence/wealth Consumer society grows Industrializin g Economy is a mixture of the new and traditional (industry and agriculture) Often reliance on narrow bands of industries Often very great inequality
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Morphology Hunter- Gatherers Small societies with low population densities Small bands of 25-50 who live together No permanent housing, temporary camps Nomadic, move around, flexible Independent of others Kinship, usually bilateral, very important Agricultural Larger, denser populations
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Dimensions of Social Life - Hunter Gatherers Agricultural...

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