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Big Picture #5

Big Picture #5 - race Many immigrants come from very...

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Stephenie Lai November 5, 2009 SOCI 2820 Professor Bell Big Picture Pg. 342 According to the theory of the “melting pot,” America is a great mixture of cultures. However, is this really the case? Most instances of intermarriage occur among minorities. Blacks and whites either are not marrying outside of their race, or are not willing to admit it on paper. Perhaps the United States is indeed a mixture of races, but only certain ones. However, intermarriage rates overall are increasing steadily. Soon the racial lines will be blurred as intermarriages produce offspring. This is a form of assimilation for many minorities. That is probably also another reason why whites are less likely to marry outside of their race. They have nothing to assimilate to. Intermarriage is also a difficult issue among older generations of immigrants. It might be seen as improper to marry outside of your
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Unformatted text preview: race. Many immigrants come from very traditional cultures where it is customary to marry someone with the same cultural background. This proves a problem for second-generation adults. Growing up in America, there is a less traditional mindset that the children of immigrants are raised with. It makes it difficult for parents to be accepting of these acts. Despite this setback, intermarriage is increasing, mixing into the melting pot even more. The popularity of hip-hop and rap music is also evidence of the melting pot. These types of music are inherent to African American culture. The immense success of this music is not only a result of the African American population but also the huge following from other ethnic groups. Our tastes and preferences don’t differ based on our skin color. Music is a clear reflection of this....
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Big Picture #5 - race Many immigrants come from very...

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