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Sept 22 and 24 notes - a Blumer i Symbolically transit...

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a. Blumer: i. Symbolically transit through language 1. Language gives humans a means by which to negotiate meaning through symbols ii. Thought modifies each individual’s interpretation of symbols iii. Meaning states that humans act toward people and things based upon the meanings that they have given to those people or things b. Meanings are flexible, fluctuate, and change in symbolic interaction i. Happens a micro levels but can affect macro levels c. Don’t pay attention to economics but negotiated order i. Not rational d. Through these interactions, the self emerges and adjusts/develops e. Negotiated order- not ordered from top to bottom but b/w individuals f. The self that arises through interaction g. No such thing as a solitary individual b/c others are attached to you h. View yourself as an object and through others i. The looking glass self (can act reflexively) i. Concerned with individual and society j. Ability to put yourself into the shoes of others and see yourself as they see you i. Allows you to see others’ perspective on you ii. The people are roles and this is society iii. Meanings are creations of humans at a introperspective value k. The self is a reflection of society l. At some level acts are patterned i. What are the generic social processes that cause these patterns m. Key concepts and terms i. Ethnography- as such it interprets behavior as a product of community life; all meanings are intersubjective ii. Social symbols- individuals and groups interact based on meanings drawn from prevailing symbols;
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Sept 22 and 24 notes - a Blumer i Symbolically transit...

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