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Test 2 Lecture Notes - SOCI 3010 Test 2 Lecture Notes...

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SOCI 3010 Test 2 Lecture Notes 20 September 2010 I. Culture as Action (symbolic interaction, hermaneutics, phenomenology, ethnomethodology) a. All agency b. Similarities of these theories: i. Different from macro theories 1. Correcting those theories ii. All assume that people have agency iii. Social life created by people interacting iv. Meaning = culture 1. Interact in meaningful ways 2. Meaning is socially constructed and shared II. Symbolic Interaction a. Focuses upon the ways in which meaning emerge through interaction b. Concerned with analyzing the meanings of everyday life, via close observational work and intimate familiarity, and from these to develop an understanding of the underlying forms of human interaction c. Less abstract theory d. Similar to how we experience life e. Way meaning emerge through interactions f. Observational methods of research g. Begins with Weber, then George Herber Mead h. Subjective meaning of human behavior, social processes, pragmatism i. Individual meaning from yourself, the way in which we do things, thinking about something carefully to reach a goal III. Herbert Blumer a. Coined the term symbolic interactionism b. Responsible for most prominent version of this theory of this theory IV. Interactionist a. Focus on the subjective aspects of social life rather than on objective, macro-structural aspects of social systems b. Human interaction is mediated by the use of symbols by interpretation by ascertaining the meaning of one another’s actions c. Look at micro interactions instead of macro systems i. Ex. Macro system = capitalism d. Specific interactions between human beings
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e. Humans interpret and define each others’ actions instead of merely reacting i. Reaction only = stimulus response ii. Theory says there’s something between stimulus and response 1. Response based on meaning attached to the action 2. Inserting a process of meaning making 3. Use of symbols, interpretations, and getting meanings from someone else’s actions iii. Mediating experience = culture V. According to Blumer, the characteristics of this approach are a. Human interaction b. Interpretation or definition rather than mere reaction c. Response based on meaning d. Use of symbols e. Interpretation between stimulus and response f. Humans are pragmatic actors who continually must adjust their behavior to the actions of other actors g. We are able to interpret actions to denote them symbolically and treat the actions and those who perform them as symbolic objects h. Imaginative rehearsal with selves before we act i. Can adjust because we can interpret j. Use yourself as an object to put yourself in many situations k. Never conforming, subjective in this theory l. Society consists of organized and patterned interactions among individuals m. Thus, research by interactionist focuses on easily observable face to face interactions rather than on macro level structural relationships involving social institutions VI. 4 Key Points a. Symbols
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Test 2 Lecture Notes - SOCI 3010 Test 2 Lecture Notes...

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