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Assignment 1 - Stephenie Lai SOCI 3750 Coverdill September...

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Stephenie Lai SOCI 3750 Coverdill September 9, 2010 Focus Self Assessment The Focus Self Assessment portion had five parts: the work interest assessment, personality assessment, skills assessment, values assessment, and leisure interest assessment. Each part evaluated your answers to give you careers and jobs that most suited you. The questions varied from aspects of different career paths and interests. Since each assessment can give your different career results, you have the option to combine all of the to see your top career choices. The first assessment I took was the work interest assessment. Each question began with the phrase, “To what degree would you enjoy…” The rest of the question was filled in with tasks that would be performed in different career categories, such as, “designing graphic art images and illustrations for advertising media” or “researching how fatigue affects airplane pilots’ reaction time and judgment.” The options for your answer were: not at all, to a slight degree, to a moderate degree, to a high degree, or to a very high degree. The results are given in a bar graph with different areas of interest. Your score in each category ranges from 0 to 100, 0 being low and 100 being high. My most significant scores were a 54.17 in enterprising, a 33.33 in artistic, and a 29.17 in conventional. Enterprising is also known as “the persuaders.” Artistic is also known as “the creators.” Conventional is also known as “the organizers.”
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The list of possible careers provided at the end of this assessment, I feel, was very generic and broad. It was long and had many different routes. It may be because of the way I answered my questions though. My highest score was only a 54.17 in enterprising.
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