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Writing Assignment #3 - Stephenie Lai December 1, 2010 SOCI...

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Stephenie Lai December 1, 2010 SOCI 3750 Coverdill Writing Assignment #3 Direct selling has been around for a while now. However, in the past couple decades, direct selling has become increasingly popular as an alternative to a conventional occupation. It is obvious that direct selling organizations (DSOs) offer a new type of work environment and lifestyle that may be exciting and attractive to many people. DSOs boast perks, such as being your own boss, working from home, and flexibility. For the modern family, in which both the husband and wife work while raising a family, these benefits seem very appealing. Direct selling itself seems to be an easy concept to grasp as well. It is the business of marketing or selling products directly to consumers. This is done on a more personal level since the sales agents go to the consumer rather than the consumer seeking out a retail store. Popular ways of direct selling include party planning or one-on-one demonstrations. This paper will focus on The Pampered Chef, a direct seller of high quality kitchen tools. The company relies on in-home cooking shows to market to their clients. During these cooking demonstrations, clients can try the products while preparing sample recipes. The demonstrations also give customers tips on food preparation as well as how to entertain with ease. The Pampered Chef strives to provide multipurpose kitchen tools, cooking tips, and simple recipes to make entertaining from your home a pleasure rather than a hassle. They provide a range of products from cutlery, stoneware, bake ware, as well as entertainment needs, such as cake stands and serving utensils. The Pampered Chef also sells cookbooks with easy to prepare, delicious meals.
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Once on the site, you do see a link that says, “Come Join Us.” You are then directed to a page that emphasizes freedom, fun, and flexibility, as mentioned in the Nicole Biggart reading. Being a Pampered Chef direct seller is pitched as an easy and fun way to make money quickly. They also point out that becoming a consultant makes you a part of something amazing and bigger than yourself. The site says, “Take control. Make it happen now.” This gives possible employees the idea that you’ll be in control of your work, like your own boss. The bullet points highlight earning money to make car payments, go on family vacations, or to retire. It also mentions paying off debt, spending more time with your family, and doing something you really
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Writing Assignment #3 - Stephenie Lai December 1, 2010 SOCI...

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