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Soc Fam spring 20110

Soc Fam spring 20110 - 1 Sociology of Family(SOC 4610...

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Sociology of Family (SOC 4610) University of Georgia Spring Semester 2011 MWF 12:20-1:10 or 1:25-2:15 Instructor: Cheri Modzelewski Email: [email protected] Office: 417 Baldwin Hall Office hours: Wednesdays 11am-12pm or by appointment Required Readings: Cherlin, Andrew. 2010. Public & Private Families: An Introduction Coleman, M. and Ganong, L. (eds.) (2003). Points & Counterpoints: Controversial Relationship and Family Issues in the 21 st Century. Roxbury Publishing Company: LA. Additional Readings on ELC Course Objectives : To introduce students to important concepts, theories, and research used in studying marriage and family. To enable students to understand the complexity of dating, marriage, and family life and how these experiences are shaped by race, class, gender, and sexual preference. To help students be able to identify and examine in a sociological way relevant problems and issues within the contemporary family. To encourage application of knowledge gained in this class to your own experiences—past, present, and future—of marriage and family. To help students enhance their critical thinking and writing skills in order to understand and analyze the family. Course Format: This course will use a variety of teaching formats including lectures, discussions, videos, online discussions/activities, and group activities. Course Requirements: Tests Students are responsible for learning the material covered in the readings and classroom lectures/discussions. You are responsible for the assigned material in the textbook whether or not it is discussed in class. There will be three exams and each will consist of multiple choice, true/false, and possibly short answer or essay questions. The tests will 1
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NOT be cumulative. Check the schedule below for test days. Make-up exams will only be given for serious incidents and will be given at the discretion of the professor. Book/Film Review Each student will be required to pick a book or film that relates to dating, marriage, or family and do a thorough review of it. The paper should be about 5-7 pages. This will be due at the end of the semester but at the midterm there is a check-in point in which students will need to post for me as an assignment their decision on what book or film they will review on elc. Midterm check-in is worth 5 points (of the 100 total points your paper is worth). There is a list of movies you may choose from below but students may choose another movie/book that MUST be approved by the professor. If it is not one of those listed below then let me know your choice and how it relates to the subject of marriage and family. If you choose a book it may be fictional or non-fictional and you must let me know your choice and how it relates to the subject of marriage and family as well. More information on requirements will come early in the semester.
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Soc Fam spring 20110 - 1 Sociology of Family(SOC 4610...

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