Legal Studies Review - Chapter 3 court system Question of...

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Legal Studies Review First Exam Some are definition type question Analysis-how courts would rule and ect Fill in the blank Know the principles in the cases Chapter 1-intro to law Know the definition of Law- a rule, laid down by government, enforced by government Benefits of having a law- certainty, predictability Common law system – judicial interpretation of law. Also based on case precedents Civil law system- based on legislative Public Law V Private. Public affects society. Private is person V person like breach of contract Subsident law V Procedural. Procedural follows the other one. The different sources of law. Statutory construction- look at what the words might mean from the people who wrote them. Like the intent of the law, what was going on, textual analysis Know the disadvantages
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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 3 court system Question of Fact V Question of Law Organization of court systems. State court V federal court. Know hierarchy of courts Judicial review- to see if a law is constitutional or not Chapter Litigation 3 rd party defendant requirements for the law suit long arm statute different kinds of pleading the request discovery voir dire- jury selection- and challenges Constitution Supremacy clause Contract clause-state cannot regulate existing contracts- double check this Bill of rights Regulatory stuff- rule making Property Property is not a thing, it is a legal right to exclude others Real (anything dealing with land) V personal property Ways to give property...
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Legal Studies Review - Chapter 3 court system Question of...

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