2 ECON History - Questions To Consider As You Read (

2 ECON History - Questions To Consider As You Read ( -...

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Questions to consider as you read: “Grossly Distoreted Picture; Measuring 1. What figure is commonly used to measure the “success” of a country relative to other countries and over time)? GDP per capita 2. A. Explain how GNI (also known as GNP) and NNI are claculated. NNI: National Net Income= GNI- B. According to the article why may GNI or NNI provide a more meaningful measure of national output than GDP? 3. Can we determine the
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Unformatted text preview: economic well-being of the people in a nation by solely considering data on: GDP? GDP per capita? GNI? NNI? 4. A. The standard measures of aggregate output do not include certain output-related variable that clearly impact economic well-being. List and describe some of these variables. B. How has the OECD attempted to account for some of the variables you described in part (a)?...
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