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CJ~.IO 1. precession of perihelion of Mercury's orbit 2. Bending of light 3. Gravitational redshift [Big bang cosmetology] [Black holes] regions where spacetime is curved so much that light cannot escape Black Hole Stellar mass occurs in galaxy Compact, very massive Emitting some x-rays, but no radiation At center of galaxies 10/\6 Mo packed into volume smaller than solar system DO THEY EXIST? Center of galaxy is obscured by dust: no one has ever seen one, but we've seen their effects Boundary of a black hole is known as the "event horizon" 4. time dilation
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Unformatted text preview: a. the greater the curvature of spacetime, the more clocks slow down 5. decay of the orbit of the GR pulsar 6. LIGO-gravitational waves? NEWTONIAN MECHANICS IS A GOODAPPROXIMATION TO GENERAL RELATIVITY FOR FRAMES WHERE THE CURVATUREOF SPACETIME IS NOT SO GREAT Atorns-s discrete particles that make up matter-s-radiation Thomson, in 1897, identified the electron-s-raisin pudding model Electron was very light Rutherford ~ famous experimentalist...
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