week10 - Ii Week 12 Notes Group 2 • Spectra or Spectrum...

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Unformatted text preview: Ii Week 12 Notes Group 2 11-3-2010 • Spectra or Spectrum is the measure of strength of light and electromagnetic waves . a On a coordinate plane that measures spectrum the frequency or wavelength is on the horizontal axis and the intensity is on the vertical axis. a There are three types of spectra: a a a a a • Continuous • Absorption • Emission Three types of continuous spectrum are: • Thermal radiation- black body radiation • Bremstrah lung spectrum • Synchrotron A continuous spectrum when graphed is continuous and does not have dips or bumps on it. An absorption spectrum when graphed is like the continuous graph, but has dips at curtain points. An emission spectrum when graphed has points where it jurnps up from zero. Thermal source (only depends on temperature) • Perfect absorber, and perfect emitter • When waves are re-emitted there is a change in the frequency distribution. 11-5-2010 • • • • • Continuous (smooth) vs. Discrete (granular, pixel-like) Planck's constant = 6.63x1Q/'-34 J/s a h=> implies that light come out in small increments- depended on frequency. Photoelectric effect a Curtain types of light will dislodge electrons off of metal • Blue light can, but red light cannot • Increasing the amplitude will not change anything a Photons- particles of light Major scientist of quantum mechanics a Planck, Einstein, and Bohr Bohr findings on atoms a Atoms can be the same no matter where the electrons are a Size of the atom (hI\2/(meI\2)) a En=Eo(1/nI\2-lImI\2) o When electrons go from higher to lower energy state it gives off photons • A packet of energy, E=hxfrequency= quantum ...
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week10 - Ii Week 12 Notes Group 2 • Spectra or Spectrum...

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