week11 - electron orbits in an atom are standing wave...

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Physics Notes: Group 12 Week of 11-10-10 QUANTUM MECHANICS Classical Physics- mathematically smooth, varying tend to favor waves deterministic o Newtonian mechanics o Electromagnetic theory o Thermodynamics- statistical, mechanical Quantum Mechanics- (1900-1930) discontinuous theory o made up of discrete entities/particles Unpredictability Light needs to be 'broken up' into discrete units/packets of energy: E=hv Planck- thermal radiation Einstein- photoelectric effect Bohr- electrons in atoms have discrete energy levels (stay only in certain orbits; each orbit has a particular energy) o Angular momentum (mvr) should also come in discrete chunks o Copenhagen interpretation: role of the observer is critical in finding the electron Can't know where the electron is unless/until you touch it Einstein hated it- "the moon is there whether I look at it or not" dobroglie- mv=h/lambda (maybe particles also have somehow wave properties?) o momentum comes in discrete bundles o perhaps
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Unformatted text preview: electron orbits in an atom are standing wave patterns Schrodinger-writes the analogous equation in quantum mechanics to F=ma or Maxwell's equation o Born- solution to Schrodinger's equation tell you the probability of finding the electron Bohm- quantum mechanics has hidden variables Pauli- only 2 electrons can occupy one energy level .0 Electrons have 'spin' properties: positive and negative o Explains why periodic table must look the way it does Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle-there are pairs of matched quantities where if you know the value of one you can't know the value of the other I Inherent uncertainty built into the nature of reality Ex: position and momentum; energy and time Wave-particle duality: everything has qualities of both waves and particles Photons Electrons Protons Neutrons etc etc...
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week11 - electron orbits in an atom are standing wave...

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