week12 - 11-15-10QuantumMechanicsCant (1930's)oDealing...

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Unformatted text preview: 11-15-10QuantumMechanicsCant (1930's)oDealing withatomicand subatomicscalesVery tiny parts of natureoSchrodinger'sEquationoThe wave functionTheoryof probabilityof findingthe particleoDiscretePixels, not continuousNot deterministicoHeisenbergUncertaintyPrincipleMomentumand PositionIf you know one, you cannot know the otherNo matterhow good your equipmentis, it is impossibleto know bothoBuilt into natureEnergy and TimeYou cannotknow the energy at any pointin time, to 100% accuracy orcertaintyoPauli Exclusion PrincipleIn any given state you can only have 2 electronsProton and neutronare heavy, and electronsare very lightClassificationby massBaryons are heavy particleand light particlesare called leptonsIn-betweenparticles are called mesons (middle)Classify by SpinSort of an angular momentumSpin comes in two flavorsNon-IntegerequationoFermionsElectrons and protonsoYz,-1/2, 3/2Integer Values of angular momentumobozonsBohr was the championof QMoEinstein and Bohr debatedover which theorywas betterBornoProbabilityInterpretationoInto Eastern Religion and PhilosophyB.c of this he was betterable to accept the non deterministicmind-setEPRparadoxoEinstein said ...oTwo fermionsin a small box, they are in the same quantumlevelOne must spin up, and the other downBut we do not know whichis up and whichis downPlace an explosivecharge in the box and send the off in oppositedirections3000 miles later if you grab the particle,and see it is spin up, how doesthe other...
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week12 - 11-15-10QuantumMechanicsCant (1930's)oDealing...

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