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VPHY mc questions - A ablation of the pons B ablation of...

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Neural crest cells differentiate into A. the telencephalon. B. the CNS. C. the basal nuclei. D . spinal ganglia of PNS . Damage to the temporal lobe of the cerebrum would likely impact A. voluntary skeletal muscle contraction. B. sensory input. C. hearing . D. vision. This EEG pattern in an awake adult is indicative of brain damage. A. alpha waves B. delta waves C. theta waves D. beta waves Chorea (movement disorder) is most likely to result from A. damage to the basal nuclei . B. damage to the spinal ganglia. C. damage to the occipital lobe. D. damage to the hypothalamus. Ablation (lesion) of the hypothalamus and limbic system would primarily result in A. loss of voluntary muscle contraction. B. attenuation of aggressive/emotional behaviors . C. loss of ability to detect olfactory inputs. D. no noticeable effects. The conversion of short-term memory to long-term memory would be most impacted by
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Unformatted text preview: A. ablation of the pons. B. ablation of the basal ganglia. C . ablation of the hippocampus . D. ablation of the occipital lobe. Ataxia (coordination problem), is often associated with A. damage to the motor cortex. B. damage to the cerebellum . C. damage to the pyramidal tracts. D. damage to the occipital lobe. The medulla oblongata A. contains numerous vital respiratory & cardiovascular centers . B. contains the facial nuclei. C. acts as a relay center for the cortex. D. is the most advanced region of the brain. Releasing and inhibiting hormones that regulate the “master gland” (pituitary) are produced in the A. hypothalamus . B. pons. C. pineal gland. D. basal nuclei. Which of the following is used to map neuronal electrical activity with scalp electrodes? A. MEG B. PET C. EEG D. MRI...
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VPHY mc questions - A ablation of the pons B ablation of...

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