Worldhistnotes2 - producing enough resources to support the...

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write about the geography and how it influence cultures of mesopatamia; foods, religion, government code of hammurabi - examples of laws and punishments, first wirtten laws, cultures - An eye for an eye - If son strikes father, son's hands will be cut off - If man knocks another man's teeth out, his teeth shall be knocked out - If someone robs and is caught, he will be put to death - 1790 BC, Babylon zoroasterism, atonism, judaism - compare and contrast Josa built the first pyramid in egypt middle stone age _________________________________________________ INDIA Indus river valley -30,000+ population himalayas - barrier between india and china taklamakan - 2nd dryest desert Karokarom - Dar - desert of death Khybar harappa/Mohenjo-Dara - two capital cities of India, only fortified cities
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People were leaving because they were not taking good care of the land and it was not
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Unformatted text preview: producing enough resources to support the people. Dravadians - invaded by the aryians Brahmin - Priest caste - highest level Kshatriya - warrior caste - enforcers vaisya - the rich class Sudra - lower class; peasents Achuta, Dalit, Pariah - Outcaste class 3 main gods Brahman - god of creation Vishnu - god of life/preservation Shiva - god of destruction Karma - the sum of your actions. decides whether you were a good person or bad person. napal - the highest city in the world Siddhartha Guatma - sheltered his whole life, dad dies and he ventures out and is shocked at the outside world. asceticism - clear one's mind by means of abuse, starvation, etc . . Nirvanna - state of bliss and understanding Buddhism - teaching how to reach the state if nirvanna to escape the cycle of reincarnation. no god, no diety, no prophet. Philosaphy of life....
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Worldhistnotes2 - producing enough resources to support the...

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