World History Test 3 Study Guide

World History Test 3 Study Guide - Clovis - Becomes first...

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Clovis - Becomes first german ruler who tells his army to become catholic Celts - invaded and sacked rome. aka gauls Attila the Hun - a northern barbarian who causes a lot of trouble for the roman empire. Leo I bribed Attila to leave the roman empire alone. Great Schism - Pope urban was elected but was dumb and stupid so the cardinals elected clement as another pope thus causing confusion Hadrian - one of the five good emperors. Vespasian - the ruler following Nero's inept rule. He was a good ruler and paved way for the five good emperors. Masada - Last battle of the jewish war. Jews refused to surrender so romans cut all of their throats. Zealots - a person who is overzealous to a religion. who would kill in order to establish a religion. Amulet - a good luck charm. blessed by priests. Wergeld - the obligation of someone to gain revenge. blood feud. if a person kills your brother, you can kill his brother. Procopius - Historian under Justinian. Theodora - Justinian's bride, very promiscuous
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Justinian - Byzantine empire's king Valens - emporer of the eastern empire killed by the visogoths in the battle of adrianople. "Mystery Religions" - religions that had secret rituals and beliefs not divulged to anyone not initiated into the cult Lao Tzu - a philosopher, the Daoist. Chinese acceptance of fate. go with the flow Wu Ti - a general and emperor. He defeats the northern barbarians of china. brings about the demise of rome because the barbarians he defeated fled to the west towards rome. Copts (Coptics) - a Christian group who made their national religion christianity, 2nd to do so. Rus - a kingdom of barbarians. started by swedish vikings who become orthodox. Photius - a guy in constantinople who will enter the debate and will ultimately challange the orthodox church and catholic church. He excommunicates the pope Teutoberg Forest - a battle. which 3% of roman army was lost inside in. Mandate of Heaven - the theory that heaven gives the king a mandate to rule only as long as he rules in
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World History Test 3 Study Guide - Clovis - Becomes first...

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