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World History - Feudal Japan - Wu 1 Feudal Japan When one...

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Wu 1 Feudal Japan When one thinks of Japan in the modern day, they would probably think of a formal and polite society of hardworking individuals but back in the Feudal Era of Japan; it was anything but. Feudal Japan was rife with anarchy and conflict between neighbors due to the structure of Japan’s feudal society. It forced peasants, landowners, lords and warriors to compete with each other for protection and survival. These conflicts gave birth to feudalism in Japan. Japan wasn’t the only society to experience this process; Europe was also undergoing similar conflicts. Europe isn’t the only country to be associated with Japan. About a thousand years earlier, archaeological discoveries show that a flow of technologies, materials, and immigrants was arriving in Japan from the Korean Peninsula. Japan had gained the ability to write, which in turn allowed them to create records and advance their intellect in literature, religion and philosophy. In a relatively short amount of time, Japan and Korea had developed a very unstable relationship. The history of the acrimonious relations between Korea and Japan can be traced as far back as 1592 (Cooney et al. 175) . Japan’s invasions of Korea before World War II in an attempt to colonize it created havoc between the neighboring countries. Many Koreans suffered under Japanese rule, one group in particular were the women. Dubbed, “Comfort women”, the women of Korea were used as prostitutes to satisfy Japan’s growing army. “Many survivors suffered gender-based double standards, prejudice, “low self-esteem
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Wu 2 and abiding psychological trauma.” (Chung 17 ). Ever since Korea gained independence, they have ignored the apologies of Japan and have continued to distrust the Japanese. The most common concept between Japan and Europe’s feudal system is the feudal pyramid. Both pyramids have a single Monarch as a ruler and the Lords of each district support the monarch, whom of which is supported by their respective warriors. The lords have numerous peasants under their control who do the trivial tasks and labor such as maintenance and harvesting the land, thus forming the feudal pyramid. Starting at the bottom of the feudal pyramid are the peasants. These peasants
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World History - Feudal Japan - Wu 1 Feudal Japan When one...

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