PubSpeakNotes3 - Follow chronological design Uses objects...

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Audience Analysis and Informative Speaking Informative speaking - Objectives of informative - Communicate knowledge - Raise audience awareness - Add to audience knowledge base - Demonstrate how something works - Describe an event - Types of Informative - About objects or phenomena - About people - About events - About processes - About issues - About concepts - Defining Terms - Operation - What something does - Negation - Helps us understand by telling us something isn't - Example - Uses examples to help explain - Synonym - Uses similar words to help explain something - Etymology - Uses the history of a word to explain - Speeches of Description - Paints a mental picture - Aims for vivid portrayal - Speeches of explanation - Include detailed descriptions - Provide reasons or causes - Speeches of Demonstration
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Unformatted text preview: - Follow chronological design- Uses objects, models, pictures, or diagrams- Audience Analysis- Gather and analyze information- Adapt your message to your findings- Audience adaptation- Adopt an audience-centered approach- Avoid pandering (avoid changing your point of view to appeal to the audience)- Audience Psychology- Attitudes- Beliefs- Values- Audience Demographics- Age- Socioeconomic status- Education- occupation- Income- Religious and political affiliations- Gender- Disability- Ethnic and cultural background- Audience Disposition- Perspective-taking- Disposition- Occasion- Speaker- Topic- Captive audience- Identification- Gathering Data- Interviews- Surveys or questionaires- Observation of audience demographics- Published sources...
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PubSpeakNotes3 - Follow chronological design Uses objects...

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