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Methods of delivery: - Scripted - Memorized - Impromptu - Extemporaneous Extemporaneous Advantages: - Allows the most conversational tone - Encourages maximum eye contact - Presents a polished appearance - Offers flexibility But. ... - Can leave you with a memory blank - Can cause you to go overtime ____________________________________ Ethics and Organization Ethics: - The study of moral conduct Free Speech: - The right to be free from unreasonable constraints on expression Exceptions: - fighting words - slander - invasion of privacy Legal, but ethically questionable - untruthful speech - hate speech - inflammatory Plagiarism - The use of other people's ideas or words without acknowledging the source - Wholesale plagiarism - Patchwrite plagiarism Citing sources - Written (in your outline)
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- Oral (during your speech) - Date of publication - title of publication Types of citation - Direct quotations - Paraphrased information - Facts and statistics - Common knowledge Organizing your speech Superstructure - Introduction
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PubSpeakNotes2 - Methods of delivery: - Scripted -...

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