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Psych Notes6 - Cognitive Appraisal Theory...

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Module 16: Emotion - An emotion has four components - Interpret/Appraise stimulus - Experience a subjective feeling - Physiological arousal - Exhibit observable behavior ______________________________________________________________________ Functions of an Emotion - Adaptive/Survive - Motivate/Arouse - Send social signals ______________________________________________________________________ Basic/pure/universal emotions - Anger - Happiness - Fear - Surprise - Disgust - Sadness ______________________________________________________________________ Emotion Theories - Peripheral Theories - Physiological Changes -----> Emotional Feelings - James-Lange Theory - You are scared because you are running from a bear rather than run because you are scared. - Facial feedback theory - There are various muscles in the face that correspond to certain emotions
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Unformatted text preview: - Cognitive Appraisal Theory- Interpretation/Appraisal of situation -----> Leads to the expression of emotion- Schachter-Singer Theory- Cognitive Appraisal Theory - Affective Neuroscience Approach (p. 362-363)- Brains neural circuits influence on mood and emotions expressed ______________________________________________________________________- Display Rules: When it is appropriate to display emotion- Emotional Intelligence: the ability to perceive emotions accurately, to take feelings into account when reasoning, to understand emotions, and to regulate or manage emotions in oneself and others.- Lie Detector Test ______________________________________________________________________...
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Psych Notes6 - Cognitive Appraisal Theory...

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