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Psych Notes5 - T wo Types of Needs Innate Need(Primary...

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Two Types of Needs - Innate Need (Primary) - Inherent/Biological - Aquired Need (Secondary) - Learned - Social Needs Read other social needs __________________________________________________________________ Motivation Theories - Instinctual Theory - Innate Factors - Fixed action patterns - Reward/Pleasure Center Theory - Brain stimulation motivates behaviors - Incentive Theory - Environmental factors - Extrinsic motivation - Behavioral approach - Cognitive Factors - Beliefs/Expectations - Intrinsic Motivation - Cognitive approach __________________________________________________________________ Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs - Level 5: Self-Actualization - Fulfillment of one's unique potential - Level 4: Esteem Needs - Achievements, competency, gaining approval and recognition - Level 3: Love and belonging needs
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- Affiliation with others and acceptance by others - Level 2: Safety Needs - Protection from harm - Level 1: Physiological needs - Food, water, sex, and sleep _____________________________________________________________________ Hunger - All humans have the same Biological factors, all humans have genetic factors, but vary from person to person and psychosocial factors are the broadest of the three.
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