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Psych Notes - "Mind is what the brain does" 1909...

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Quiz 1 -Structuralism Quiz 2 -Cognative Approach Quiz 3 -Describe, Explain, Predict, Control. Quiz 4 -Extension of waking life - Dreams are an extension of waking life -Entering the spirit world -Activation-synthesis - random firing of neurons Quiz 5 -Hallucinagens Quiz 6 - Cognitive theory: Cognitive approach - Incentive theory: Behavioral approach _________________________________________________________________ Module 1 Psychology - Study of the mind (Past definition) - Systematic, scientific study - Behaviors - Mental processes _________________________________________________________________ Historical Approach - 1879 Structuralism (Wundt) - Introspection
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- Focuses on the senses - 1st U.S. lab (G. Stanley Hall at James Hopkins University in 1883) - 1893 Functionalism (James) - Mind-Body Connection (one cannot function without the other)
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Unformatted text preview: - "Mind is what the brain does"- 1909 Psychoanalytic (Freud)- Unconcious (Impulses, Instincts)- Dream interpretation- 1912 Gestalt (Wertheimer, Kohler, Kofka)- Whole patterns- "Whole is equal to more than the sum of its parts"- 1913 Behavioralism (Watson)- Observable actions/responses _________________________________________________________________ Contemporary Approaches 1. Biological approach- Brain, Hormones, Genes 2. Cognitive approach- Mental Processes (see is behavior, think is cognitive)- Beliefs, Attitudes 3. Behavioral approach- Imitation/Observation- Environmental factors- Reward/Punishment 4. Psychoanalytic approach- Unconcious- Repressed thoughts 5. Humanistic approach- Self esteem- Self actualization 6. Cross Cultural approach- Cultural Factors...
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Psych Notes - "Mind is what the brain does" 1909...

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