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Unformatted text preview: Disclaimer This book contains general information and advice relating to wellness enhancements. It is not intended to replace medical advice. As with any wellness info, the practices recommending this book should be followed only after consulting with your doctor to make sure they are appropriate to your individual circumstances. The author and publisher expressly disclaim responsibility for any adverse effects that may result from the use or application of the information contained in this book. This book does not contain medical advice. Only a doctor can give medical advice. See your doctor for medical advice. 1 Dedication Thank you, Father, for giving me the unbelievable and uncompromising opportunity to educate and better myself. Truly without you, this book would not have been written. Thank you, Vanessa, for showing me undying affection and the tender aspects of love. And thank you, Mother, for your great story. Copyright 2017 Maxime-Alexander Du Pont 2 NOTE TO READER 0 I WAS FAT, BUT NOW I AM SLIM AND STRONG I AM A FOOD ADDICT SIMPLE AND COMPREHENSIVE WELLNESS ENHANCEMENTS 0 1 2 3 WILLPOWER 3 DIETS ARE DESIGNED TO FAIL WILLPOWER IS LIMITED WILLPOWER IS DRAINED HABITS PRESERVE WILLPOWER DEFAULT OPTIONS BREAKFAST AS A DEFAULT OPTION 1. Identify your options for breakfast. 2. Review 3. Default Option Selection WHAT TO WEAR? GROCERIES AND RESTAURANTS DRUGS THAT INCREASE DOPAMINE CAFFEINE TEA TOBACCO SUGAR COCAINE RELATIONSHIPS AND ACTIVITIES STEPS TO IDENTIFYING ENHANCING RELATIONSHIPS SUSTAINING WILLPOWER 3 5 6 7 8 9 10 10 10 11 12 13 14 14 15 15 16 16 17 17 INFLAMMATION KILLS 18 PARASYMPATHETIC SYSTEM ACTIVATION NASAL BREATHING 22 24 SLEEP 25 REJUVENATING SLEEP CIRCADIAN CYCLE: THE EFFECT OF LIGHT SLEEP ENHANCERS 26 28 29 3 BED + BEDDING HUMID COOL CLEAN OXYGENATED AIR DIGESTION MELATONIN AND SUPPLEMENTS NASAL BREATHING AND BODY POSITIONING 29 29 30 31 33 EMOTIONS 34 YOU ARE MOSTLY EMOTIONAL, NOT RATIONAL DRIVEN BY REWARD OR PUNISHMENT DIMENSIONS OF THE EMOTIONAL-SELF RESILIENCE OUTLOOK SOCIAL INTUITION SELF-AWARENESS SENSITIVITY TO CONTEXT ATTENTION EMOTIONAL INJURIES EMOTIONAL FIRST-AID WHAT TO DO FOR EMOTIONAL INJURIES? Guidelines for Rejection, Loneliness, and Failure Rejection Loneliness Failure 34 34 36 36 37 37 37 38 38 38 39 39 40 40 41 41 BELIEFS 42 THE POWER OF BELIEF THE RICE EXPERIMENT PLACEBO NEEDLES NOCEBO UNCONSCIOUS BELIEFS BELIEF OUTCOME ALIGNMENT THE STAIRCASE OF PERCEPTIONAL CHANGE GRATITUDE MAGNIFY THE GOOD THINGS THE RELATIVITY KEY THE MEDIA AND FACEBOOK MAKE ME FEEL LIKE SHIT WHAT DO I DO TO FEEL BETTER? 1. Get with the program 2. Get out of the program 3. Reprogram for sustainability 42 43 43 44 44 45 47 47 48 49 50 50 50 51 51 4 SHIFTING FOR SUCCESS BUILDING CRITICAL MASS ENHANCING WORDS/ENHANCED LIFE Precision: Shit, Stuff, Things. Super Amazing Life Enhancing Words DESIRE: WANT VS. NEEDS COMMITMENTS: MAYBE, I’LL TRY VS. I WILL THE CHEERLEADER AND THE FAN THE PROS AND CONS LISTS Pros of a good Action Cons of a Bad Action EMPOWERING RELATIONSHIPS ANCHORS VS. SPRINGBOARDS PARENTS AND THE 30 MILLION WORD GAP 5 TO 1 RATIO MENTORS CAMARADERIE & PEER PRESSURE THE 100 ROLES WE TAKE I AM A HABS FAN I AM A CANADIAN I AM MANY THINGS PAYING MORE FOR JUNK FOOD HIGHLY PROCESSED FOOD DEALS BE SELF-EXPERIMENTAL THE AMAZING POO SERVED LIKE MEDIEVAL KINGS AND QUEENS 52 53 54 54 55 57 58 59 61 61 62 63 63 64 65 66 66 67 67 67 68 70 72 73 74 74 BAD SCIENCE AND PROPAGANDA 75 CHOOSING DATA AND THE CHOLESTEROL HOAX SCARED LEADERSHIP AND THE DANGEROUS SALT MYTH LOOSE ASSOCIATIONS THE DOUBLE-BLIND TEST BURYING THE TRUTH LAB ANIMAL TESTING DIABETES PARKINSON’S ALZHEIMER'S DISEASE ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION MACULAR DEGENERATION THE SO-CALLED FAT DIET FED TO LAB ANIMALS 75 82 89 89 90 92 92 93 93 94 94 95 5 CONTAMINATED TO DEATH THE LEAST TOXIC OF WATERS PRESCRIPTION DRUGS PRISTINE WATER AND WATER FILTERS Pristine Water Water Filters PLASTIC-TOXIC WORLD NON-STICK The Solution PHTHALATES MY GARDEN TOXIN FILLED VEGETABLES PLASTIC MILK THE CAR IS MAKING ME SICK! Toxic Car Interiors CHEAP APARTMENT FLOORS PLASTIC CODES PLASTIC FOOD PACKAGING BPA COVERED CASH RECEIPTS CANNED FOOD: RESINS, EPOXIES, AND COATINGS FOOD TOXINS NATURAL FOOD BORNE TOXINS Mycotoxins FOOD PROCESSING TOXINS TOP 12 HORMONE DISRUPTORS COSMETICS LEAD AND HEAVY METALS TOXIC WALL PAINT ARE YOU GETTING TOO MUCH LEAD OR OTHER TOXINS? THE GOLDEN MCDONALD’S FRY CULTIVATION AND MADE-UP FOOD MONOSODIUM GLUTAMATE History My Discovery PASTEURIZED MILK AIR POLLUTION INDOOR AIR Plants and Air Purifiers RADIATION RADIATION LEVELS OF MAJOR CELLPHONES BRAIN WAVES 98 99 100 101 101 102 104 104 106 107 108 108 109 110 110 111 112 113 114 115 115 116 117 119 120 121 123 126 127 128 130 130 131 134 135 135 136 137 141 142 6 EMF PROTECTIVE CLOTHING MINIMIZING YOUR EXPOSURE FLUORIDE KILLS AND WHITENS PREVENTIVE MEASURES 143 143 144 150 LABELS + TRANSPARENCY 152 HOUSEHOLD CLEANING PRODUCTS: WINDEX FOOD LABELS DISGUISED Sugar MSG and Free Glutamate UNLABELED FOOD ADDITIVES 152 153 153 153 155 156 ADVERTISING 159 MASCOTS AND KIDS FOOD MASCOTS MY UPBRINGING MOVIES AND THE HAPPY MEAL PARTNERSHIP CUBA LOW SELF-ESTEEM 160 160 162 163 163 164 THE OPTIMAL HUMAN DIET 166 THE LOBBIED AMERICAN DIET IS THERE AN OPTIMAL HUMAN DIET? WHAT ABOUT THE JACOB THE LION YOU TOOK HOME? WHAT DID IGOR THE CAVEMAN EAT? IGOR ATE FIT ANIMALS IGOR ATE LOTS OF SEAFOOD FAT IN THE NATIVE AMERICAN DIET 166 167 167 170 171 171 172 SUGAR 173 THE DRUG 173 SUGAR AND ALCOHOL 176 THE SILIMILARITIES BETWEEN ALCOHOL AND FRUCTOSE HIGHER CONSUMPTION LEADS TO? 177 HOW MUCH ADDED SUGAR DO MOST AMERICANS CONSUME?177 THE GLYCEMIC INDEX 178 7 INSULIN AND INSULIN RESISTANCE ONE MEAL A DAY AND INTERMITTENT FASTING LEPTIN RESISTANCE, GHRELIN AND THE CHEWING TIME 179 182 183 KILLING CANCER 184 RADIATION THERAPY SUGAR AND ACID PROMOTE CANCER AMPK THE CANCER HEALER + FAT BURNER! AMPK SUPPLEMENTS MY DAILY AMPK RITUAL 185 186 187 188 189 NUTRIENTS 190 THE ACCUMULATING NUTRITIONAL DEBT THE POWER OF TINY AMOUNTS PINK SALT WEALTH SMELLS GENETICS BIO INDIVIDUALITY SEX AND TOMATOES SKIN TONE BLOOD TRANSFUSION 190 191 191 191 191 192 192 192 193 193 194 RDI 194 Vitamin D and RDI 195 Minimum RDI 197 25G OF FIBER 198 AUGMENTING NUTRIENT ABSORPTION 199 THE BREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS 200 VOICES IN MY HEAD AND B3 201 YOUNG LOOKING ASIANS 201 THE VITAMIN C STORY 203 LOSING A WAR BECAUSE OF B1 DEFICIENCY 204 THE WHOLE FOOD IS BETTER 206 FLAVONOIDS 207 I DARE YOU TO EAT THESE SUPER WHOLEFOODS OF THEM IN 30 DAYS! Veggies 208 Fruits 208 Beans and Legumes 209 Quinoa 209 208 8 Grains Herbs and Spices THE MOST POWERFUL ANTIOXIDANTS CALCIUM GLUTEN 3 REASONS WHY TODAY'S GLUTEN IS HARMFUL THE SOIL IS DEPLETED 2 REASONS TO EAT FIBER + RESISTANT STARCH RESISTANT STARCH IN 3 VARIETIES OF POTATOES DOMESTICATION DATES EVERY WHOLE FOOD IS UNIQUE PROCESSING MATTERS POTATOES CORN TEA 209 209 210 212 213 215 217 218 219 220 221 223 223 224 224 UNIVERSAL TRUTHS 225 IT EITHER EMPOWERS OR HARMS YOU 225 OPTIMAL IS ALL THAT MATTERS 225 WATER: TOO MUCH OF A GOOD THING CAN KILL YOU 226 DRUGS: TOO LITTLE OF A BAD THING, CAN BE DISASTROUS FOR YOUR WELLBEING. 227 SPECTRUM 228 INTENSITY MATTERS 229 AS ABOVE AS BELOW, AS BELOW AS ABOVE 229 BODY MIND 231 POWER POSES AND LAUGHING YOGA RELAX AND LOSE-WEIGHT MEDITATION MASSAGE CONNECTED BUT DISCONNECTED 232 233 234 234 235 GOALS 239 ALIGN YOUR PRIORITIES WITH YOUR GOALS EISENHOWER MATRIX TEST THERE IS NO LAST SUPPER! SETTING A REALISTIC TIME FRAME RELAPSE AND OFF-DAYS THE 100TH STEP IS PRETTY EASY TO MAKE 239 240 241 242 243 244 9 MAINTAIN THE WELLNESS ENHANCEMENT AT ALL COSTS TIPS TO PROTECT YOUR SUPER WELLNESS HABIT Don’t Stop Something is Better than Nothing SMALLER HURDLES NO SCALES BUT A MEASURING TAPE IS OK. WHAT TO MEASURE? 244 245 245 246 246 247 249 EASY WELLNESS ENHANCEMENTS 250 TWO-MINUTE EMPOWERING ACTIONS TIMERS AND REMINDERS FOR WELLNESS ENHANCEMENTS OUTLET TIMERS MOBILE TIMER REMINDERS DAILY FANTASTIC WELLNESS ENHANCEMENTS THE TOP 22 WELLNESS ENHANCEMENT SUPPLEMENTS 250 251 251 251 251 251 252 THE SOCIAL COST OF WEIGHT LOSS 256 FOOD IS CULTURE 4 WAYS TO SURVIVE A BIRTHDAY CAKE DECLARING I’M A FOOD ADDICT PRETTY AND SKINNY GIRLS THE IMPRESSIVE NAPKIN I HAVE A DISEASE OR AN ALLERGY 257 257 257 258 258 258 SLIM BECAUSE OF WHAT I SEE! 258 SLIMMING HERO TECHNIQUES MAKE NUTRIENT DENSE FOODS EASY TO REACH MAKE HIGHLY-PROCESSED FOODS HARD TO REACH MAXIMIZE YOUR EATING TIME Slimming Techniques to Maximize Your Eating Time SMALLER UTENSILS AND PLATES EATING AT RESTAURANTS WITHOUT FRIENDS EATING AT THE RESTAURANT WITH FRIENDS BULK EATING EATING AT THE MOVIES 259 260 260 261 261 262 262 263 263 264 THE WELLNESS INVESTMENT 266 THE REAL PRICE OF A CHICKEN NUGGET 267 10 EASY ISN’T SUSTAINABLE PRIORITIZING ORGANIC PURCHASES DIRTY DOZEN PLUS TWO CLEAN 15 FROZEN PRODUCE = FEWER PESTICIDES CANNED PRODUCE RESPIRATION RATES SMALL LOCAL FARMS THE POWER OF INCREMENTAL INVESTMENT 268 269 270 272 274 274 275 276 277 GUT HEALTH 279 THE UNIVERSE THAT IS YOU DAMAGED GUT, DAMAGED BRAIN DIVERSITY IN YOUR DIET SLIMMING BIOMES APPRECIATING THE POWER OF DIVERSITY THE VAGUS IS YOUR VEGAS REMISSION OF CROHN'S DISEASE SOLUTIONS FOR A STRONG GUT 279 281 281 283 283 284 285 286 EXTRAS 286 MINIMIZING THE DAMAGE AT MCDONALD’S 1. BIG MAC COMBO (BURGER, FRY, SODA) 2. WELLNESS ALTERNATIVE (TEA, GARDEN SALAD AND QP) IT’S ABOUT QUALITY NUTRITION, NOT CALORIES PH AND YOUR BODY MAXIMIZE YOUR TESTOSTERONE/ESTROGEN RATIO MEN WOMEN INCREASING DESIRE VEGETABLES ARE EXPENSIVE 286 289 289 290 290 295 295 296 297 297 AMAZING HEALING AND BRAIN ENHANCING FATS 298 PROTECTIVE FAT BROWN FAT WHITE FAT 3 WAYS TO TRANSFORM WHITE INTO BROWN FAT Cold Treatments Exercise Supplements HOW TO TARNISH A FAT? 300 302 303 303 303 304 304 11 FAT QUALITY BALANCING THE RIGHT TYPE OF FAT SATURATED FATS MEDIUM CHAINED TRIGLYCERIDE OMEGA-3 FATTY ACIDS(POLYUNSATURATED) OMEGA-6 FATTY ACIDS(POLYUNSATURATED) OMEGA-9 FATTY ACIDS(POLYUNSATURATED) PHOSPHOLIPIDS 307 307 308 308 308 309 310 311 HEALING PROTEIN: AMINO ACIDS 311 MOTIVATION+DOPAMINE+TYROSINE PARANOIA+SEROTONIN+TRYPTOPHAN+ SCHIZOPHRENIA THE BODYBUILDERS BRANCHED-CHAINED AMINO ACIDS GLUTAMINE+GUT+BRAIN+SUGAR CRAVINGS DETOX WITH NAC AND L-ORNITHINE L-ASPARTATE L-SERINE FOR CONCUSSIONS AND LIVER 313 314 316 316 317 318 VITAMINS AND MINERALS 319 HEALING LIGHT, AROMA AND SOUND 330 100 YEARS OF PROVEN HEALING LIGHT KNOWLEDGE VISIBLE LIGHT BACTERIA KILLING LIGHT Ultraviolet 30-300 nm Violet 400-450 nm HEALING Blue 450-500-nm Green 500-570 nm Yellow 570-590 nm Red 610-700 nm Infrared 700-830nm SOUND THERAPY AROMATHERAPY ESSENTIAL OILS 330 331 332 332 332 333 333 333 333 333 334 336 336 THE SYSTEM IS OUT TO KILL YOU 338 IRREPARABLY DAMAGED BEFORE BIRTH INCOMPETENT DOCTORS GMO FOODS FARMED RAISED SALMON VS. WILD CAUGHT SALMON GMO LABELING 338 345 347 349 350 12 GMO REGULATION AND TESTING 351 NOVEL CANADIAN FOODS 352 REGULATION 352 THE MONSANTO AND THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT CONNECTION353 DOCTORS KNOW NOTHING ABOUT NUTRIENTS 357 BIG PHARMA PAYS DOCTORS 357 358 WORD-OF-MOUTH 358 SUBSIDIZED DIETS 359 LESS CRIME AND MORE INTELLIGENCE 362 THE POWER OF AUTHORITY 362 AMERICAN GOVERNMENT ATROCITIES 366 THE WEALTHY BUSINESSMAN 366 WHAT’S WRONG WITH COMMUNISM 366 Bananas 366 Dead Altruistic Americans 367 The Opium Wars 367 Africa 368 BUSINESS ETHICS 368 BENEFITS AND COST ANALYSIS 369 50-YEARS TO GET THE GOVERNMENT TO PROTECT YOU 371 BONUSES NOT JAIL SENTENCES 372 THE ONLY MORAL IS PROFIT 373 BUSINESS DOES NOT FOLLOW PEOPLE’S NORMS 374 PROFIT: ILLEGAL HERE, BUT LEGAL THERE 375 DIRTY RESTAURANTS? 377 A BABY WITH NO ARMS 378 Y 13 Note to reader I was Fat, but now I am Slim and Strong I have been fat for most of my life. I have had love handles and fat surrounding my abdomen since I was seven, despite exercising all my life. Most of my life, I've suffered from low self-esteem and mispronounce words, because my brain was lacking nutrients. I was one of the top-5 fattest kids in my elementary school. As I grew older, I exercised through sport and I very gradually was categorized from the fat to the not-so-fat category. I wasn’t fit or slim, and I still had love handles. At the age of 26, I was at my fittest. I was on three soccer teams. I was playing three competitive soccer games a week. At the same time, I was going to the Concordia gym and lifting weights 3 to 4 times a week. I would cycle 7km to get to Concordia and 7 km to get back. I also did yoga one to two times a week. I would also run 15km up mount-royal two to four times a month, from NDG to Parc Street and back. During this same period, I also consumed lots of speed and MDMA, and 3-7 times a month, I danced for hours to house music at Circus and Stereo. Despite plenty of exercise, I didn't look that fit. I was still fat, and I had very visible and unmanly looking love handles. The only consolation I had about exercising was that it prevented me from becoming morbidly obese. I have absolutely no doubt about that. As a point of fact, the first time I caught an episode 600-pound life, I shed a tear, because I knew how easily I could have been a subject in the show. It’s just so very easy to live an unwell and fattening lifestyle. I'm here to tell you that it's not your fault that you're fat and it's not my fault that I was fat. The system was set up by large corporations that make billions, and they created the rules for the game that we call our lives. The game was set up for us to fail, get fat, stupid, impotent, depressed and scared. Large corporations are responsible for getting us fat, but we have to take full responsibility to fix and improve our well-being. I am a Food Addict I have snorted cocaine, smoked marijuana, tobacco. I have swallowed loads of amphetamines, MDMA and LSD. I have also gotten high on morphine, and of course had plenty of alcohol. But as it turns out, I am not addicted to any of these illegal substances, but I am addicted to something cheap that is available on every street corner. Yes, that’s right; I’m addicted to sweets and processed foods. Most people think my addiction is a farce because I'm not 300 pounds and they scant at the idea of categorizing processed foods as drugs. They don't see that I have a problem because I'm not fat enough to be eligible for the biggest loser. It's not normal to binge on not one cookie, but an entire box of cookies, on not one slice of pizza, but an entire pizza pie, on not one scoop of ice cream, but an entire carton in one sitting. This is exactly how I have eaten certain foods most of my life. I have little or no control. Once I get started, I can’t stop, eating one cookie leads to the entire box. Cake, cookies, pastries and chocolate bars are my kryptonite. I can find them everywhere, at the convenience store, the gas station, the dollar store, and even at church and school bake sales. These delicious concoctions are crafted, designed and fabricated by corporations and marketers to get us hooked like heroin stealing to pay for their next hit. These goodies contain the most addictive ratio of fats, sugar, and salt as determined by hundreds of thousands 1 of scientists and brain scans. They also contain preservatives, additives, excitotoxins: MSG, natural flavors, artificial flavors that incredibly enhance the taste of foods to get you and me addicted. Then, of course, there's the advertising; companies spend billions of dollars to promote foods to our kids that are more like designer drugs than real whole food. Growing up, I never got any warning/labeling on a box of cookies to help me make better decisions like the Canadian government mandates for tobacco products. I rarely saw commercials about nutritious eating, but instead, I saw a whole lot of sugar-filled cereal commercials and Ronald McDonald during my Saturday morning cartoons. I can't imagine the government allowing companies to push cocaine to children, but somehow, the system permitted companies to peddle designer processed foods to children. So again, don't blame yourself for being fat, depressed and having cancer. Blame the government and the large corporations that manipulate and enslave you! But I have been put on this earth to help break the shackles and actualize your full-potential! Simple and Comprehensive This book covers the most critical elements to propel you to succeed. You’ll also find images that help you absorb the information better. Also, this book is not written to read from cover-to-cover, but rather like a magazine, skip to the parts that pique your interest. All the strategies and tips contained in these pages have been designed for my lazy fat ass to achieve, and if I can do it, you can do it too! I have watched and read countless videos, books, and studies. You will also find wellness enhancement videos on my YouTube channel called smartwellness or on my website, 2 Wellness Enhancements Smartwellness is about the lifelong quest to make small wellness enhancements, like eating apples, that can make you strong, slim and smart. It is not a magic pill, and it is not about counting calories or restricting your eating. Smartwellness is much easier to adhere to than an insane fitness or diet regimen, but it definitely won't be as easy as eating at McDonald's. Willpower Diets are Designed to Fail There are hundreds of diets out there. reports that there are over 710 diets that I can adopt to slim down. 1 710! That’s really overwhelming, how the hell am I supposed to choose between 710 diets? When I can’t even choose what to eat at a restaurant; pizza, steak sub, souvlaki, lasagna or a cheeseburger? Here’s the thing, you might not have expected, most of these diets work! Well, they work, if you can stick to them! But that’s the thing; I have never been able to stick to them, lol. Most of us, including myself, cannot stick to extreme diets and exercise regimens. Take the 1 3 rice diet created by Dr. Kempner, which has shown that obese patients who only ate rice and vegetables (1000 calories max) every day for a year plus lost over 100 pounds each.2 However, I know myself and unless I was in a concentration camp, there’s no way I could eat nothing but rice and vegetables for the rest of my life. In fact, even Dr. Kempner stated that his rice diet was dangerous and unsafe for long term use, despite the dramatic weight loss seen in his patients. Only 8% of dieters have enough willpower and endurance to sustain their diet for over three months. In fact, 75% of dieters can’t sustain their regiment for more than four weeks.34 Also, most diets have been designed by people who were never fat or food addicts, but instead by people who have always been fit or slim. Also, these diets are unsustainable because they miss a critical element. They ask you to adopt and sustain extreme changes to your lifestyle without even considering the impact on your psychology and willpower. Willpower, self-control, self-regulation and what psychologists refer to as ego depletion are the biggest predictor of successful fat loss and financial success. 2 3 The witchita ‘one-ton’ weight loss program: community weight loss and the national mindless eating challenge, FASEB Jounal 25 (2011) 4 4 For example, in the Stanford marshmallow experiment, they tested willpower of little kids. They placed delicious marshmallows in front of them and asked them not to eat them. Most of kids ate them, but a few of them didn’t because they used willpower preserving tactics, like closing their eyes, (the out of sight out of mind method). 15 years later, the children who didn’t eat the marshmallows and used preserving willpower tactics were found to have “higher SAT scores, lower levels of substance abuse, lower likelihood of obesity, better responses to stress, better social skills.”5 Willpower is Limited Willpower is a limited resource. It is like gas in a car. If you use all your willpower for studying, for example, then you'll have little willpower left over to self-regulate...
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