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theoretical paper - Craig Barclay 10/5/10 Soci 415 On my...

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Craig Barclay 10/5/10 Soci 415 On my honor, I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid on this assignment Consumption at Panera While at Panera and observing everything that was going on around me, I was actually struck by how weird all this felt to me . Not necessarily being in that space as I have been to Panera numerous times and probably just took it for granted, but rather the fact that I had to actually observe the people and their interactions . Now I have been known to be an avid people watcher but never in a sense that I had to actively think about what their interactions meant within a grand scheme of sociology . I remember at one point a workers girlfriend and her friend came by to see her boyfriend while I was sitting at the table next to them and he just grabbed the chair I wasn’t using without asking me . I sort of felt that what he did was rude and wanted to confront him about it, but the backlash that could have resulted from that would have ruined my observation and put this paper in shambles so I decided against it . Needless to say it was a very interesting and enlightening experience for me to view an establishment such as Panera in such an objective manner . Based off my observation at Panera, I argue that the consumption that takes place in Panera serves to reinforce the belief that what we consume and where we consume things makes up a huge part of how we act in society . My observation took place from 1 in the afternoon to about 2:45 on Monday October 4 th . When I first arrived it happened to be a fairly busy period for Panera due to the lunch crowd coming through, so busy in fact that I initially had trouble finding a seat eventually securing one 1
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near the back by where people went to receive their food . Since I would have felt a little guilty if I had walked into Panera for the sole intent of observing the people in it, I decided to buy something so I could be a paying customer who just happened to linger a little longer than the average . So once I got my food and sat down I started to pay attention to the surrounding tables and really the atmosphere in general . Panera one could argue is a somewhat upscale restaurant that caters to a certain group of people . With this Panera being in a college town clearly more college students will frequent it than normal but they do not have lower prices than other Paneras in the area so they do stay true to their core . When you walk in you are greeted to different pieces of artwork and warm earth tones that cover the walls, booths with plush seating and tables with comfortable chairs all signify a place where you can go to kind of get away from things and be at peace which is
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theoretical paper - Craig Barclay 10/5/10 Soci 415 On my...

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