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Craig Barclay 10/8/10 Soci 412 Gaddis: The Educational Equality Debate in Wake County Gaddis’ writing discusses the idea of economic integration in Wake County schools that was first discussed in 2000. It was met with a lot of criticism in North Carolina and around the country and Gaddis’ argument is that this wasn’t just some random idea picked out of the sky but it was based off solid sociological experimentation that generally proved that if kids could be in a better overall social environment then their grades would subsequently improve. I somewhat agree with Gaddis because a similar situation happened to me. I went to public school my whole life until high school when my parents thought it would be a good idea to send me to a private school in order to try and get into a good
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Unformatted text preview: college. I wasn’t the best student leading up to high school mostly because I didn’t really care. Whether or not that was because I was amongst people around the same socioeconomic status as me and just felt the need to blend in I don’t know, but once I got to private school and teachers started taking more of an interest in what I did and I saw how people in a higher class lived it motivated me to do better and allowed me the opportunity to come to UNC. So I feel like economic equality is very important and Gaddis just helped bring to light how poor of an idea it is to try and prevent it....
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