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Global poverty notes - economic policies” and have found it tough to recover I agree with his argument because my parents are from Jamaica a

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Craig Barclay 11/29/10 Soci 412 Stiglitz: Globalism’s Discontents In Stiglitz’s writing he discusses the issue of globalization and why some countries have benefitted greatly from it and other countries have suffered under it and his argument is that is has a lot to do with how funds are managed by the countries or the IMF who helps oversee the money that goes to these countries to help them out. Countries that have benefitted from globalization like the U.S and East Asian countries have been able to expand their economy by importing and exporting goods and have thrived that way while other countries have struggled because the IMF handicapped them for “bad
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Unformatted text preview: economic policies” and have found it tough to recover. I agree with his argument because my parents are from Jamaica, a country that depends heavily on tourism to support their economy and with all the internal issues they are having right now their economy has suffered and ”globalization” has hindered their growth so I have seen Stiglitz’s argument first-hand. Firebaugh: The New Geography of Global Income Inequality In Firebaugh’s writing he discusses the Trade Protest Model of inequality that states that globalization has essentially caused greater global inequality....
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