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life at the bottom notes

life at the bottom notes - what the welfare reform at the...

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Craig Barclay 10/27/10 Soci 412 Hays: Flat Broke With Children In Hays’ writing she talks about the ideas behind welfare reform and how its intended benefits are helping the single mothers who often need welfare assistance the most. It also looks at the issues that these welfare mothers face and how they aren’t much different than regular parents it’s just that certain circumstances have caused them to be in the position they are in. Hays argues that these extenuating circumstances are at the root of the welfare issue and argues that more needs to be done to allow the government to continue to provide for these people who are less well off. I am kind of torn on this issue as I feel that no one especially children should be subject to a substandard level of living and things should be done to help them, I also feel they need to show a desire to want to better themselves which is
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Unformatted text preview: what the welfare reform at the base of Hays’ writing seeks out to do. Macleod: Ain’t No Makin’ It Macleod’s writing looks at the group of people who view the whole prospect of rags to riches as completely unattainable due to the hopelessness and underachievement that they see in their own families. They view work as a necessity and do not look at it as a way to better themselves and their families. Macleod argues that these thoughts are a result of their social class and are very difficult to change. I have to agree with his argument because if all you see around you and in your immediate family is despair and hopelessness then naturally unless you are an extremely strong willed individual you are going to fall into that mold as well and stand no chance at bettering yourself....
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