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Craig Barclay 11/17/10 Soci 412 Granovetter: The Strength of Weak Ties In Granovetter’s reading he talks about social networks in the form of ties and examines the difference between strong and weak ties. He says that in regards to work-related situations, contacts that you have had little to no contact with in the past (weak ties) have been more beneficial in gaining employment than strong ties have. I find this to be very true as a lot of times at least coming out of college your mom or dad has a friend at a company that can link you with the right people to talk to to get a job. Of course once you get the job you are able to create a new set of networks and ties within the company and other companies in order to help improve your job standing and that is what Granovetter’s reading helps to explain.
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Unformatted text preview: Lin: Social Networks and Status Attainment In Lin’s reading they talk about the impact that personal resources and social resources have on status attainment and argue that social resources have a far greater impact on status attainment than personal resources. They also view the possession of social resources as a pyramid with those on top having better opportunities for positions and setting up people below them with their influence. This tends to be true in society as it stays true to the phrase “It’s not what you know, but who you know.” Oftentimes if you don’t have connections you can’t achieve the things that a person with great knowledge and all the credentials in the world should because they don’t have someone who can help get their foot in the door....
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