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power elite notes - society and says that the leaders of...

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Craig Barclay 10/18/10 Soci 412 Mills: The Power Elite In Mills’ writing he discusses who constitutes the power elite and defines them as the people who have the power to make decisions that affect the everyday man and woman, those who are in command of the major hierarchies and organizations of modern society. If you think about it Mills’ argument makes perfect sense because every day the leaders of this country and of major corporations make decisions that affect us directly or indirectly. Whether it be a new policy passed by congress or an increase in the price of clothes from your favorite brand name, the power elite have a say in everything people in our society do and I feel it’s something we take for granted at times. And the fact that the power elite’s decisions intertwine with one another adds to their importance and Mills does a great job in displaying that through his writing. Domhoff: Who Rules America? Domhoff’s writing looks at the issue of corporations’ power within American
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Unformatted text preview: society and says that the leaders of these corporations team with the upper class to create a dominant power group. He then looks at the type of interactions that creates this group from the rest and shows that the informal settings in which the upper class meets helps reinforce the strength of this group. Going to a very rich private school I find myself agreeing with Demhoff’s argument. It seemed to me that every weekend kids from my school were getting together to go to regattas on the beach or hang out at the yacht club with fellow classmates and their families and the elitist nature of all it just seemed to enhance the rift between most of my classmates and myself. The fact that people from a lower class have an opportunity to witness these reactions speaks to the issue of upward mobility that Domhoff refers to and how rare it is because of the opportunities needed to become that wealthy and Domhoff presents great statistics that back up that point....
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power elite notes - society and says that the leaders of...

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